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Greetings, I am Isiah Jones, a developer, committed to constructing sleek web applications with intuitive functionality. My ardor for ideating innovative solutions and transforming them into reality fuels my passion for web development. Continuously intrigued by new technologies, I actively seek opportunities to refine my expertise in diverse domains. While executing solo full stack projects, I have also gained valuable experience in collaborating with creative teams, engaging in regular stand-ups, sprint planning, backlog grooming, QA testing, source control, and team project management.

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As an experienced developer, I possess the skillset to create user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive interfaces, which streamline user experience and simplify task completion, utilizing cutting-edge technologies.


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With {{experienceYears}}+ years of experience, I specialize in the development of comprehensive web applications utilizing the most advanced Microsoft .Net technologies, in strict adherence to Agile Development Cycle principles.

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    As a professional web developer, I specialize in crafting high-quality websites that are designed to meet your business's long-term objectives. You can rely on my expertise to deliver well-documented, clean, and sophisticated interfaces that facilitate comprehension for non-technical clients in the initiation of projects from inception to fruition.

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